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Job Search FAQs

I have never worked with a recruiter or staffing firm before, how can Cordia Resources help me find a job?

Thanks to our strong reputation with area employers, Cordia Resources will give you access to opportunities that may not be posted on job boards or even on the company’s web site. We take the time to understand your previous experience and what you are looking for in your career goals so that we can help you achieve them by finding you a job that is the right fit for you. Once we have done this, we will submit your resume to our clients who are actively looking for candidates with your credentials and will be your advocate for any questions they may have prior to meeting you. Additionally, we will also help out in other aspects of your job search, such as providing resume feedback/edits, prepping you for interviews and sharing local hiring trends.

Is there a fee to work with a recruiting firm?

No. We never charge job seekers a fee to help them find their next job opportunity.

What types of jobs do you recruit for?

We specialize in recruiting candidates with all levels of experience for positions in accounting, finance, human resources, information technology, contract administration, pricing and operational support. We help you find your dream full-time job or you can join our Consulting Team to do project work.

What kind of types of companies do you work with?

Cordia Resources works with all types of businesses and of all sizes – from small private companies to large national corporations – in DC, Virginia, and Maryland.

What is the average time frame for finding a new job?

Due to the variety and the number of positions we are recruiting for, it is impossible to provide you with an exact time frame. But it is always our goal to fill positions with the right candidate quickly though! Your new job will depend on what our clients are currently seeking in the job market, as well as your own availability to meet with them.

How do I submit my resume?

Go to our Job Opportunities page on the Cordia Resources website and search our current open positions, fill out the required fields, and then upload your resume. Once you’ve submitted your resume, this serves as your confidential profile.

Will you share my resume without my permission?

Absolutely not! We will never share any of your information with our clients without your prior authorization. We respect your privacy and understand the need to job search confidentially to avoid conflict in your current position.

What can I expect after I apply for a position?

Once you submit your resume, no further action is required on your part. Your resume will be entered into our applicant tracking system where it will be reviewed and made searchable to our recruiters. If you meet the qualifications for the job you have applied for or for any of our other job opportunities, one of our recruiters will reach out to you. At that point, we will schedule an interview so we can get to know you –your skills, work experience, job requirements, and availability.

What if I am not in the area or unavailable to interview in person?

That’s no problem! Though we would prefer to meet with you in person, we understand that may not always be possible so in that case we will set up a video/Skype interview to still get some quality face-to-face time with you.

Besides my resume, what else will I need to provide?

After you submit your resume and interview with a member of our team, we may ask at that time for a list of references and your consent to perform a credit and background check. However, we will give you the necessary forms to fill out and do not require you to submit any pay stubs.

If I don't accept a position offered to me, will you continue to work with me?

We understand that not every position offered is going to be the right fit for you or that you may have many competing offers. So we will work with you to set reasonable expectations about the companies and roles you interview for beforehand to try to ensure it will align with your goals and experience and stay in communication with you throughout your job search journey.

What if I am interested in working on a temporary/consulting basis?

We have a vast list of clients that need staffing support for specific projects or on a temporary basis. Learn more about what it means to be a consultant for our temporary staffing practice below.

Temporary Staffing FAQs

Why should I consider temporary work?

Temporary work enables you to typically choose when, where, and how you want to work. For individuals looking to supplement their income or need a flexible work schedule, it is a great solution and can provide a valuable work-life balance. Temporary assignments can also provide a bridge to regular, full-time employment so you can use it as an opportunity to try out a prospective employer/workplace and demonstrate your skills for the job.

Who do I work for - Cordia Resources or the client you place me with?

For both temporary and temp-to-hire assignments, you are employed by Cordia Resources. You will report to work at the client site and a member of our staffing team will stay in touch with you throughout your assignment to ensure everything is going well and help with any questions you may have.

Can I get hired by the company you send me to for a job assignment?

Yes, many of our clients will extend offers to hire our consultants who exemplify good work performance and are a good fit for their company. However, the decision is yours on whether you want to accept or just finish out your assignment. The important thing to remember is when placed out at a company you are not guaranteed regular full-time employment with that company as they have many things to consider prior to making a hire and may not be able to bring on new permanent employees at that time.

How long will my job assignment last?

Every assignment has a different time frame, it may be a few weeks or a few months. Your recruiter will communicate the expected time frame with you before you begin. It’s possible that the assignment may end earlier than anticipated or the client may ask to extend it longer as well.

What if I don’t like the job?

We understand that sometimes things just aren’t a good fit. We’re always focused on helping you discover what’s next in your career so we’ll be checking in with you to see how your assignment is going and will start searching for your next opportunity if it isn’t quite right.

What employee benefits do you offer?

Cordia Resources is proud to offer a health insurance plan for our employees after a minimum of 30 days of employment. As an employee, you can enroll in individual or family benefit plan or chose to waive coverage. Additional details on the plan coverage can be provided by your recruiter!

Cordia also pays for Workers’ Compensation Insurance and the employer’s share of Social Security and State (“SUI”) and Federal Unemployment (“FUTA”) Taxes.

What documents will I need to provide?

You will need to provide proof of identity and work eligibility through acceptable government issued documents (i.e. passport, state issued ID, birth certificate, work visa). This is required in order to complete all of your hiring paperwork and must be presented to us before you can start working. You will also be required to complete a Government I9 Form and other various employment paperwork.

What is your policy on background checks?

All of our employees must complete a credit and criminal background check prior to employment. Some clients may also ask for an education check as well. Depending on the results, we might require additional information from you for verification.

How and when would I get paid?

You will be paid bi-weekly by Cordia Resources. Hours worked are submitted each Friday and our pay schedule is processed from Sunday through Saturday. With direct deposit, funds are usually available within 24-48 hours from when the payroll is issued. If you do not have direct deposit, your paycheck will be mailed to the address you provide. During your on boarding process you can select which form of payment you would prefer. Please note, your first paycheck will have to be a live check that is mailed out or if possible, hand delivered by your account rep.

How do I report my time?

Once you complete your onboarding paperwork and begin your assignment, you will be given access for Unanet, our online time-sheet database. It is your responsibility to record your time and submit it by Monday each week to be approved by the client. If for any reason the time is not approved, you would be notified for correction.

Who do I talk to about my expected hours or time off requests?

Before you begin your assignment, you and your Cordia Resources account representative will discuss your expected hours. We ask that you let us know of any time off requests you may have in advance so that we can inform the client that you would be unavailable those particular dates. During the course of your assignment you will be able to discuss any additional schedule changes or time off requests with your direct supervisor at the client site and are responsible for letting us know any changes that will be occurring to your typical work schedule.

What if I have concerns/challenges with a client while on an assignment?

Making sure you are happy and in the right position is our top priority. So contact your account representative immediately with any concerns you have.

What happens when my assignment is over?

Ideally you will transition immediately to another assignment, but that will ultimately depend on what current job roles we have available. So when your assignment is nearing completion your recruiter will start the process of finding your next opportunity.

If my assignment ends, do I lose my health coverage?

Not necessarily. Your coverage would end on the last day of the month of your date of competition. However, if you are sent on another assignment within that timeframe then your coverage will continue un-interrupted. Afterwards, you will be eligible for COBRA benefits which would be sent to you by our HR representative.