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Accounting Ranks High Among Flexible Positions

As companies adopt a growing range of communication modules, from cell phones to tablets and laptops, connectivity between bosses and employees is becoming stronger and more reliable than ever. When teams can contact and connect with each other instantly through five different media formats, work can be done from anywhere and messages can be exchanged and received instantly with no excuses, delays or hold-ups.

But as this connectivity takes hold, employers have fewer and justifications for keeping workers anchored to their desks. Smart company mangers recognize this, and are adopting a range of flexible working arrangements. And smart employees are gravitating to these companies. As they implement flexible working policies, managers build their reputations and attract more resumes from the busiest, most talented, most tech savvy, and most in-demand candidates in the marketplace.

Some of the most flexibility-friendly industries that are starting to profit on this trend include marketing, data management, project management, Java development, writing and editing, sales, and customer service.

Accounting Makes the List

And as it happens, accounting also appears on this list. Hiring managers in financial and accounting fields are starting to recognize the benefits of remote work arrangements, and as they do this, they attract attention from top candidates. Eventually, a strong reputation for excellence makes these positions more competitive. And with a wider applicant pool and more resumes to sift through, employers have even greater access to the highest levels of talent.

If you’re a hiring manager, consider taking advantage of this trend by increasing your connectivity and relaxing your onsite requirements. Remember that remote workers tend to be more productive than onsite employees, but they also require frequent check-ins and strong oversight.

And if you’re a candidate searching for a position (or a young person in the process of choosing a long term career path), accounting may be right for you. Especially if you require a high level of flexibility and an onsite job just doesn’t meet your needs or accommodate your lifestyle.

To find an accounting position that’s right for you, make an appointment with the DC financial staffing experts at Cordia. If you are looking for accounting jobs in Vienna VA, contact our team today.