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Are You Offering the Perks Millennials Want?

In order to attract talented millennials to your workplace – and keep them away from your competitors – you need to provide the kinds of compensation and perks these candidates are looking for. And before you can offer these perks, you’ll need to understand what they are.

Young candidates between the ages of 22 and 35 don’t respond to the same types of benefits that attract older workers. But here’s some good news: Sweetening the deal for a younger worker can be less expensive and less burdensome then it might be for a mid-career applicant. Here are a few small moves that can spark interest among entry-level candidates.


Widening your company’s online footprint and boosting your brand can attract customers, which can pay off in obvious ways. But this move has indirect benefits as well, since it elevates your profile in the eyes of ambitious young employees who are interested in making a name for themselves and launching their careers on the right foot.


Younger employees are often pulled in multiple directions, and they respond well to employers who respect their time and understand the value of flexibility. If at all possible, allow employees to trade PTO days, work on Saturdays to make up for lost time during the week, work from home periodically, hold meetings at local coffee shops instead of the office, and connect to the company network using their own devices.

Feedback and career support

Younger employees don’t enjoy standing still. Provide them with the kinds of exposure, training, and experience that can give them a sense of forward motion regarding their careers. Active coaching and constructive feedback demonstrate interest in the employee and their long term growth, not just the needs of the company. If you show respect for younger employees, they’ll offer respect in return.

Academic support

Younger employees are often interested in furthering their educations in ways that hold less interest for baby boomers and members of generation X. If your candidate hopes to complete a master’s degree or earn a professional certification, you’ll peak their interest if you can provide tuition reimbursement or cost-free training programs in partnership with local universities.

Respect for work-life balance

Your youngest candidates may not have immediate plans to buy a home or raise a family, but if you demonstrate that you respect these life decisions, you’ll gain more attention and credibility. A strong family leave plan, a friendly and supportive culture, and general acknowledgement of life outside the workplace can go a long way.

For more on how to attract and retain ambitious young employees, reach out to the staffing experts at  Cordia Resources.