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Capitalizing On IT Investments

In the late 1990’s, when the tech boom started to blossom, organizations in almost every industry fell into the trap of technology overinvestment. Companies implemented expensive new platforms and cumbersome back office management systems they often couldn’t afford, making decisions based on inflated expectations of high returns, and sometimes a poor understanding of what these platforms entailed.

Fast forward to 2014, and priorities have changed. The recent recession and recovery have pushed company managers to make decisions based on efficiency, productivity and measurable value. And technology infrastructures are now undergoing a rapid process of refinement, not expansion. Offsite server maintenance and data storage (the cloud) keep costs and risk to a minimum, and most back office systems for accounting and finance can be scaled to meet the needs of smaller organizations and rapidly growing start-ups.

Using Data to Guide Business Decisions

With the availability of efficient, affordable data storage and powerful processing capability, companies can collect information at rates that were unimaginable a decade ago. And with data sharing abilities that allow each division to benefit from the research and information collected by the others, companies can make smarter decisions within a shorter time frame, allowing them to move forward faster, collect more data, compare results, make even smarter decisions, and so on.

Revaluating IT Governance

The structure and workflow of an efficient IT operation have changed dramatically since 1999. And this rate of change shows no signs of leveling off. Smart companies are investing significant resources in right-shaping IT workforces and making sure that every detail of IT governance fits the current needs and mission of the department as a whole.

Improving Controls and Protecting Vulnerabilities

A huge flow of IT resources are being channeled into measures that prevent risk and increase data security. Companies are struggling to comply with new regulations that protect personal information, and they’re also looking for ways to block increasingly sophisticated hacking efforts.

Identify and Automate

In the drive for increase efficiency, companies are searching through workflows and back office processes to find manual tasks and develop ways to automate these tasks. The faster these tasks are identified and eliminated, the better companies can optimize their IT resources.

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