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Controller Salaries in Arlington VA: Where do you Stand?

Are you considering a career as a financial controller in Arlington VA? Are you already employed as a controller in the state of VA, and you want to make sure you’re not missing out on higher paying opportunities for a professional with your level of experience? In the first case, you’ll need to conduct some research and ask a few questions to make sure the path that lies ahead is the right one for you—in terms of skill sets, interest, opportunities for career growth, and standard salary rates. And in the second case, you’ll need to research the marketplace to make sure your current compensation is appropriate, and you’ll need to repeat this research every few years to make sure your current employers are staying on track.

Controller Jobs in VA: A Quick Job Description

Financial controllers support company CEOs by providing the financial information and informed predictions they need in order to make wise decisions. Controllers prepare financial statements and budget reports on a quarterly basis, and they also generate cost analysis and profit and loss statements. They create reports for the Securities and Exchange Commission and keep company shareholders informed of financial changes, threats, and opportunities.

In many cases (and depending on the size of the company), controllers also hold legal and managerial responsibilities, which means they may manage large teams of accountants and financial experts, and they may be called upon to keep the company compliant with shifting regulations.

Controller Salary Overview for Arlington VA and the Surrounding Area

The education and experience required to become a financial controller can be extensive, expensive, and complex. Most financial controllers begin with a bachelors or master’s degree in accounting or finance, and many earn an MBA before stepping into upper-level positions. So salaries in this field can be high, especially in a densely populated metropolitan area with strong financial demand. In the state of VA–and specifically the Arlington area—most controller salaries reach well over 100,000 dollars per year, plus standard health and insurance benefits.

For a large company, senior division and regional controller positions attract salaries between 130,000 and 145,000 dollars annually. Assistant controller positions in VA begin at 80,000 to 95,000 dollars per year.

For more salary information, and more on how to step into the financial field with the goal of becoming a financial controller, make an appointment with the VA career management and staffing experts at Cordia.  If you are looking for controller employment in Arlington, contact us today.