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Cordia Releases 2017 Accounting & Finance Salary Guide

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Cordia Resources Releases 2017 Accounting and Finance Salary Guide for the Washington, DC Market

Cordia’s Salary Guide is here!  An excellent resource for the Washington, DC area’s finance and accounting community, our guide provides valuable insights to help employers recruit, hire, and retain top accounting and finance talent, while helping candidates understand their value in the marketplace. To obtain a copy, click here.

Throughout the year, we carefully study data, market trends, and most importantly, compensation information from the placements we make. Because we live and breathe the finance and accounting talent market in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, our salary guide is a true reflection of the work we do.  No need to calculate variances or adjust for different geographic locations, the DC market is our only focus – so our information is relevant, timely, and represents our intimate knowledge of our local market.  Here are some additional insights based on what we’re seeing in the market:

Higher Demand for Talent Equals Higher Salaries

To get a clearer understanding of the market and its compensation structure, our Salary Guide breaks out finance and accounting positions into the following categories: Corporate Accounting, Corporate Finance, Operational Accounting, Tax, Audit, and Public Accounting. Comparing the numbers to last year, we see that salaries overall have increased around 4 to 5%.  Higher demand for talent is leading the push for higher salaries.

We see higher demand for talent from employers throughout the DC area.  Firms are not only gearing up for the busier fall season, but are also working to fill demand fueled by the robust growth both in the DC area and nationally. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, “Employment of accountants and auditors is projected to grow 11 percent from 2014 to 2024, faster than the average for all occupations.” The BLS explains that factors fueling growth, and therefore a higher demand for talent, include overall economic growth, increased (stricter) laws and regulations as companies move to comply with new standards, continued globalization, and increased M&A activity.

Salaries remain competitive – Especially in the DC Market

Recruiting and staffing firms around the country have been scrambling to help clients find qualified accounting and finance professionals. In DC, the competition for talent has been even more intense, as seen in the higher salaries. According to U.S. News and World Report, in 2016, the median salary for accountants nationwide was $73,670. In DC, however, the median salary for those professionals was $87,710. This reflects the fact that the market is even more competitive in the nation’s capital, so employers must compete vigorously to acquire the best talent.

Washington DC Accounting Market is Hotter than Ever

Demand for skilled finance and accounting professionals in the Washington DC area has been off the charts for some time. This trend will continue well into the future. In fact, the DC accounting market is hotter than ever. While this bodes well for job seekers, it can be a challenge for employers–especially those who require top talent and/or niche, hard to find skillsets.  Cordia’s salary guide will help you stay competitive in the in the talent market place by understanding the current hiring climate for finance and accounting professionals in the Washington DC market and how to compete successfully for talent in it.

How can Cordia Resources Help You?

Cordia Resources has seen the trend with regard to increased demand for accounting and finance talent for some time. In turn, we’ve taken these steps to ensure that our clients locate and acquire the best candidates in the region: 1) Expanding our geographic footprint in the Washington DC metropolitan area to serve our clients from three locations: Tysons, Rockville, and downtown DC; 2) Continuing to grow our network of top-tier finance and accounting candidates and consultants; and 3) Intensifying our deep engagement in the local accounting and finance community by sponsoring events and nurturing business relationships with leaders in the industry.

Through these and other efforts, Cordia Resources is well-positioned to assist businesses across all industries and throughout the DC area to locate and hire the most qualified accounting and finance professionals. As a result, we outpace other firms in the area in terms of helping local firms hire the most talented accounting and finance professionals. With the busy fall hiring season just around the corner, it is crucial to work with a recruiting and staffing firm that understands the current state of the talent market and how to compete successfully in it. Cordia knows that better than anyone. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you find and hire exceptional talent for your finance and accounting positions.

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