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How a Financial Staffing Firm Can Help You Save

If you’re considering a partnership with a financial and accounting staffing agency, but you’re still on the fence, it may be time to make a concrete assessment of your current staffing costs. If you’re like most companies, especially mid-sized organizations focused on growth, then you’re probably spending more than you’d like. There’s no way around it: Sourcing, interviewing, selection, and hiring are expensive. And mistakes (as measured by the number of new hires who leave within one year) come with high price tags and intangible costs that are hard to measure. Here are a few of the ways a staffing partnership can help you save.

Staffing firms listen closely and hire quickly.

Here at Cordia, we focus on filling your open positions as quickly and expediently as possible. But that doesn’t mean we compromise when it comes to finding excellent matches. Our experienced staffing pros will listen carefully to every detail you share regarding the position and your requirements. Then we’ll use every tool at our disposal to find the perfect candidate so your position doesn’t stand unoccupied for long. The only thing worse than a position staffed by the wrong person is a position that’s not staffed at all, especially if this empty chair stays empty for months at a time.

Staffing firms recognize candidate alignment.

What makes an appropriate match? As an experienced, long-established staffing firm, we know that this equation isn’t as simple as it might seem. Sometimes highly skilled candidates are shown to be very poor performers, and sometimes undervalued candidates turn out to be excellent investments. Here are Cordia, we know that a smart match results from a variety of factors including the right skill sets, cultural adaptability, and long term plans that align with those of the company.

We test and assess in order to find red flags.

Cordia staffing pros know how to detect red flags, even those that are subtle or carefully hidden. We can tell when candidates are blowing smoke or speaking in earnest about their abilities and their plans. And we have the testing and interviewing methodology to back up our claims. Put your trust in our candidate selection protocols and you’ll reduce your risk and cut your hiring costs.

Staffing firms handle upfront paper work challenges so you don’t have to.

When you work with a temporary staffing agency, your candidate is employed by the agency, not by you. So we handle the payroll and tax reporting issues that would otherwise slow you down, sap your efficiency, and take your attention away from the demands of running your business.

For more on how a partnership with a staffing agency can help you cut costs, reduce risk, and reach your goals faster, contact the DC financial staffing team at Cordia.