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Stand out From the Crowd: Let your Personality Shine

You have the skills, you have the drive, and you have every single one of the educational credentials and experience-related qualifications required by the job post. So it seems like the job should be yours for the taking….right?

Not so fast. Unfortunately, as rare as these qualifications may be, a modern digital job post can reach a far wider audience than it might have a generation ago. So a post that used to attract a dozen applicants can now generate hundreds of resume submissions in a single day. And as it happens, most of these applicants will hold all of the required credentials, and then some. You’ll need something else, something a little extra, if you hope to stand out from the crowd and grab employer attention with your application and interview.

Luckily, you have something that no other person can offer: Your winning personality! Let your light shine by keeping these tips in mind.

Be Yourself

It sounds like a cliché, but bear with us. Too many applicants plaster on a fake “businessy” persona while they look for work, but don’t do this. Unless you’re a terrific actor, your audience won’t be impressed—they’ll just be confused. If you’re quiet and shy, be trustworthy, qualified, quiet and shy. If you’re loud and friendly, don’t rein in that part of yourself—Use it to your advantage. If you enjoy smiling and laughing, smile and laugh. But if you’re serious, don’t force your face into a mold that isn’t a fit for you. Just be great at living your own life and comfortable in your own skin.

Honesty is Non-Negotiable

You can boast and brag about your accomplishments if that feels right for you, and you can humbly downplay them if it suits your nature…but whatever you do, don’t lie about them. If you really want employers to know that you’ve never taken a sick day, you got straight A’s in school, or you were nominated for a Nobel Prize, share this information in any way you choose. But don’t exaggerate, mislead, or change the facts.

Eye Contact and Friendliness Win the Day

Quiet, loud, introverted, extroverted, funny or serious… No matter how you describe your personality, polished conversational skills can take you anywhere. This means opening up and showing interest in what the other person has to say, and it means gazing at them in a direct and friendly way. Make an honest effort to form a personal connection and find reasons to like, respect, and value the person you’re talking to.

For more on how to connect with interviewers and share the best side of your true personality, reach out to the staffing experts at Cordia.