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Tax Accountant Salaries in DC

Tax accountants are vital to a company’s legal standing and financial health. Not only do they help their organizations stay current with the federal government, they also help them find deductions and legal shortcuts that keep them from overpaying on income, payroll, materials usage and other taxes. As they do this, they help company managers make decisions about growth and long term plans.

The Path to Becoming a Tax Accountant

Entry level tax accountants usually require a four year degree in accounting, followed by a successful CPA exam that distinguishes them as Certified Public Accountant. In the DC area, the market for tax accountant positions is competitive, and additional certifications and graduate degrees (like an MBA) can help a candidate stand out and widen her range of opportunity and offers.

Salaries for Tax Accountants

In the Washington DC area, entry level corporate tax accountants usually receive offers in the mid to low $50,000 range. Private tax preparers start slightly lower, at around $34,000 annually. Tax accountant salaries usually rise steadily each year depending on company size and performance, and by the mid-level, professionals in this field are usually earning about $80,000.

Senior corporate tax accountants in the DC metro area can expect to earn an average salary of about $85,000. CPAs who handle client accounts and audits through an accounting firm usually make about $80,000 to $90,000. Though for larger accounting firms and larger corporate clients, these salaries can rise well over $100,000 at the mid-career level.

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