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Three Ways to Build Your Network

When you hear the term “networking,” you may envision a cocktail party with awkward attendees sipping drinks and asking each other for job leads. This does actually happen, and this kind of event does actually help employees land jobs… sometimes… but this ritual may not mean much to you if you occupy the other side of the table. If you’re running a company or managing a team and you’d like to network your way toward the best candidates on the job market, forcing chit-chat at cocktail parties and peewee soccer games may not represent the most efficient use of your time. Try these moves instead.

Source your search carefully.

If you know that you need a specific, hard-to-find skill set or knowledge base, and you know that a specific university or training program produced exceptional graduates in this area, don’t wait for each year’s pool of graduates to come to you. Go to them. Find out what attracts them using surveys or direct personal contact at job fairs. Then do what you can to offer this motivation (salary, benefits, opportunity, etc). Sometimes simple word-of-mouth can create a stir and give a surprising boost to your brand.

Build bridges.

When you say goodbye to an employee, stay on good terms. Make the parting process as easy and pleasant as possible, and replace resentment (on either side) with good will and good memories. The same rule applies when you need to reject candidates for an open position. Never throw away a relationship or assume that one disrespectful conversation won’t come back to haunt you. Every interaction gives you an opportunity to build, polish, or repair your reputation.

Do good.

Individual candidates are often advised to network by giving favors, not asking for them. Follow the same rule. Whenever you see an area of need, step in. Offer, don’t ask. Do this for the community where your facility is located, the larger world we all share, and every individual person who passes through your office. If someone needs something and you have the resources that can help, extend your hand. Your gesture may have longer-lasting impact than you realize.

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