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Use Your Company Culture to Attract Top Talent: Three Secrets

 You already know that the best way to boost your productivity, avoid staffing mistakes, and keep turnover low start with the same solution: hire the right people in the first place. And you also know that hiring smart means attracting a candidate pool that’s wide, deep, and well above average for your industry and your geographic area.

So how can you use one of the best tools at your disposal—your existing company culture—to attract the top candidates in the marketplace and encourage them to apply? Here are three proven methods that can gain the attention of the candidates you’re looking for.

1. Make your current workers happy.

And we mean happy, not just productive. Sure they work long hours, and sure they’re giving their all, but are they content? Are they loyal? Or are they burned out and waiting to leave as soon as they find a better opportunity? Find the answers to these questions by distributing regular anonymous surveys at least twice per year. And while you’re at it, encourage your managers to keep an open door policy and listen to all employee complaints and suggestions without negativity or judgment.

If you identify a problem or a potential solution that might make this office a more respectful, more rewarding, more collaborative, or generally better place to work, do everything you can to put that solution into action.

2. Spread the word.

Don’t just invest in the happiness of your teams and expect the rest to fall into place. Encourage social media sharing, community outreach events, company sponsored public service and other activities that get your brand and your happy workers into the public eye. Support community sports and environmental clean ups, execute charity fundraisers, and reward employees for tweets and posts that spread the good news about your organization.

3. Encourage inside-track hiring.

Find great workers by leaning on the great workers you already have. Reward your employees when they provide recommendations or encourage their family and friends to apply here. Start by offering generous signing and referral bonuses.

For more on how to make your company an appealing place to work, and more on how to share your perks and advantages with the applicants that are best poised to help you grow, reach out to the staffing experts at Cordia. If you are looking for recruiting agencies in Arlington, contact our team today.