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Using a Staffing Firm Can Increase Diversity in Your Workplace

You already know that a diverse workforce can help your company grow. Reducing homogeneity and cutting across age, race, gender, and other demographic lines during the hiring process can make your organization smarter, stronger and more competitive. Diverse groups of people produce better ideas, solve problems faster, provide more perspectives and generally accomplish more and achieve more than groups with identical backgrounds.

As a bonus, diversity can improve your workplace reputation, which can raise your profile and attract more talented candidates. So when it comes to creating a hiring system that better reflects the broader population, you know what you need to do. There’s only one problem: You aren’t sure how to do it. Don’t worry – an experienced staffing firm can show you the way.

Recognize that you have a problem, and get the help you need.

As you engage with your staffing firm, be direct about your goals. Don’t drop hints or assume your staffing pro will read you mind. Simply point out that your workplace doesn’t represent the broader population (your gender ratio falls short of 50/50, or you’d like to see more representation across the age spectrum, for example). Then ask for staffing support that can help you correct this imbalance. Your staffing team will know how to move you from where you are to where you’re going.

Staffing firms understand sourcing.

If you need more diverse employees, you’ll need to broaden or shift your sourcing program away from one narrow channel. Attract applicants using more than one source and you’ll attract applicants from more than one demographic category. Your staffing firm can help you approach universities, industry groups, and other candidate pipelines that can help you widen your audience.

Staffing firms can raise your appeal.

Professional staffing and recruiting teams know how to sell your company to high-value applicants. In order to attract the best and most diverse talent to your workforce, you’ll need to become the kind of company these candidates want to work for. And in order to shape your message, expand your footprint, and pitch the kinds of perks and benefits you have to offer, you’ll want to enlist the help of a team of experts.

Staffing firms can help you recognize your starting point.

If your workforce only represents one or two demographic categories and you aren’t sure exactly why, a staffing firm can help. Use data, surveys, and the wealth of personal experience your staffing team can offer, and you’ll uncover the unconscious biases in your hiring program that may be holding you back.

For more on how to bring your workforce into the 21st century and keep up with your competition, reach out to the staffing and management experts at Cordia Resources.